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About Us


Hello everyone!

I started this agency, in part, because marketing and advertising is an amazing industry to be involved with. Imagine being able to help people and businesses grow, and achieve new successes, every day. It is an incredibly rewarding feeling, and I have always wanted to be a source of inspiration for people who will not settle for anything other than an extraordinary life. Back when I worked in retail and operations, I always wondered why vendors did not work harder for my business. Why did I have to call them 2-3 times before they called me back? Why didn’t they work harder to get me a better deal? Why couldn’t they deliver on promises, products, and services in time? I always felt as if I was working harder for their business than they were working for mine.

Now, at our agency, we use those experiences as motivation to be the most available and most attentive partner that our clients will ever find. We are not the largest or flashiest agency around. But that is with purpose. We strive to connect with our customers and provide you with the service you deserve. Let’s see if we are a good fit together.

Mike Jones

Founder, Jones Marketing Group

Doug Austin

A career-spanning 35+ years in advertising, marketing, product development, strategic planning, strategic selling, shopper marketing, and consumer promotion on both the B2B and B2C sides of the equation has provided Doug with the opportunity to hone his approach and to grow his client's business. A student of human behavior and a passion for innovation, Doug brings vision and possibility to any situation.

Shannon Handwerker

Shannon is the glue that holds our agency together. She has a brilliant business mind and we rely on her for all things financial. Shannon has spent the last 20 years in corporate business development, and understands our client's mindset from the inside/out. She also oversees all of our account's receivables and account's payables.